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Create awesome PDF calendars online! Pick your template, upload your photo, download and print! Do it your self calendars made easy:)


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Pically has been and will be free forever. To pay the servers and our efforts, we display adds. And we are happy about every donation :)

How the calendar maker was born

Petros Dolaschjan

Founder & Developer

I coded the first version of Pically (it was a Java based desktop app) in 2007 just for myself, because I wanted to put together my own yearly calendars with my hand picked pictures. Back then, I had a simple printer at home, which I then used to print my custom made calendars. As I was quite young back then (around 24), I was picking the kind of pictures many guys in that age would have picked: girls and cars :) And I used Pically every year to make my own calendars.

Why did I call it Pically?
Quite easy: Picture Calendar => Pically

Pically for the rest of the world

In 2011 I was studying in London and some free time and thought "hey, let's put this great calendar tool online so that other people can create calendars too.". So I pimped the desktop calendar maker and uploaded it to my website and a download site (softsonic.com). I wasn't expecting much but couple of weeks later I realised that couple of hundred people had downloaded the free calenar maker.

I was like "whoot", seems like Pically is somehow useful for others too. Over the next two years Pically had couple of thousand downloads. And as I nice sideeffect my website (with the download link) started to rank well in Google. Back then I didn't know anything about SEO so it just organically started to rank for keywords like "free photo calendar maker".

PicallyCalendar.com – Create photo calendars on the web

To move things forward and make the free calendar maker accessible for anyone from anywhere using the browser. In 2015 I started coding the web-version of pically (in PHP) and launched in online on the domain picallycalendar.com. Eversince thousands of people have created calendars online using Pically. As of today (April 2017), there are over 170.000 calendars made with Pically! Pretty awesome right?

Pically for iOS – Create photo calendars on the Apple Mobile Device

In April 2017, we have launched the first iOS version of Pically! With the awesome app for iPhone and iPad, you can create PDF calendars using the photos you've made on your iOS device! Also pretty cool right? Special thanks to Vahan T., who hase coded the mobile app (in swift).

Get Pically Calendar Maker App for iOS

Pically for Android – create photo calendars using an Android device

My friend and former colleage Avo has developed the awesome Android App for Pically.

Get Pically Calendar Maker App for Android

Good to go?

You can't wait to create your own customized photo calendar? :)

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