photo calendar template spring

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It’s been a long time, but finally I made a new template for spring!

This photo calendar template is in portrait mode but gives more space for a picture. Instead of using cells for days, only the day number is displayed which makes the whole picture calendar more compact and creates more room for the photo. The week names are displaying only the first character. I got the inspiration for this calendar template from

Write your Calendar Notes

On the left side, just next to the calendar, you have some free lines where you can write down your notes for the month. You could for instance write some important events for the month or highlight the day and write a note for it.

I hope you like this template! Feel free to write me your thoughts on it :)

Have a nice spring with great picture calendars!

Create your Spring Photo Calendar

Kim Kardashian Calendar 2015

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Have a hot year 2015!

This is undoubtably one of the most popular calendar subjects for the male gender! If you are a male, you probably had a playboy or similar sexy calendar already hanging once on your wall. It’s nice to see a beautiful woman each month. Depending on the taste, the women can be either dressed, partly nude or even for the adults over 18 years even more revealing. Tastes are different and therefore it would be great if everyone could just pick their favourite sexy pictures themselves. Well, at picallycalendar you can! This quick guide will explain you how you can make your own free sexy calendar for the coming year 2015.

1. Collect your Sexy Picture

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the topic for your calendar. It could be for instance a celebrity calendar, model calendar or just a mix of beautiful woman photos. You could also create a sexy calendar for your friend. If you friend likes Heidi Klum, then you can grab her hottest pictures and create a free Heidi Klum Photo Calendar for 2015. There are several websites you can take your hot pictures from. The following sections will show you the most convenient ways.

1.1 Google Image Search

One of the most easiest way is to use the Google Image Search. Just go to and enter the search term. If you want to create a Kim Kardashian Photo Calendar for 2015, just search for “Kim Kardashian Wallpaper” for instance. For a better image resolution, you can filter the search results by clicking on Search Tools and selecting the size Large:

Google Image Search Settings

1.2 is a great wallpaper website where you can find tons of wallpaper pictures for all kinds of categories. There is of course also some sections devoted to women. Just browse the categories and select the pictures from models, celebrities etc.

wallpaperswide categories


If you want to create a free printable PlayBoy calendar for 2015, you can visit They provide a huge amount of pictures from PlayBoy.

PlayBoy Calendar Images

2. Create your Printable Calendar

Once you have collected 12 sexy photos for your calendar, you can create your printable calendar using the following tutorial.

3. Print your Sexy 2015 Calendar

Let’s bring the beauties to your wall! After you have created the calendars for all 12 months, you need to print them. In order to get the best quality, it is advisable to use good quality photo paper if you are printing at home.

Monthly Photo Calendar Template Big Landscape

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Perfect picture calendar template for big images!

This monthly template is just perfect if you want to put your picture on the spotlight of your calendar. The aspect ratio of the images are 16/9 making the pictures look wide. As the calendar space is mainly occupied by your photo, unfortunately there is no space left for displaying events. Furthermore you will notice, that the week days are not displayed as well. The empty space after the last week day will indicate when the week ends so that you can figure out when the next calendar week block starts.

What do you think about highlighting the days that have events? It will not be visible what event concealed behind that marked day, but it would give you a hint that there is something planned. If you like the idea, please write your comment below and with enough votes I will add that functionality :)

Create Big Landscape Photo Calendar


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This video tutorial shows you how you can create your own free printable photo calendar for the year 2015

You don’t have to spend money for photo calendars. All you need is some nice images, a printer and of course Pically :) This video demonstrates how simple it is to create photo calendars using Pically. You can literally make your own printable picture calendar in seconds! The difficult part is to pick the right motives, but this is something Pically can’t do for you (yet) :) Depending on your taste, you can find different sources for picture motives. If you have a collection of your own photos, then go ahead and pick your favourite shots and create your free printable photo calenadar.

Photo Calendar Motives in Google Image Search

Otherwise you can find tons of images using google image search. Just enter the keyword you are looking for and make sure you select a picture with a large enough resolution. The recommendation is to use photos with a resolution 1024 width or higher. In the advances search settings in google, you can set a filter for the picture resolution. So for instance if you want to have a cat calendar motive, you could search for “cat wallpaper” or “kitty wallpaper”. If you prefer dogs, search for “dog wallpapers” etc…

Upload and Crop your Calendar Motives

Once you have selected your picture motives for each month, select the month from the settings section and upload your picture. After uploading you can select the area you want to be captures. Use the selection tool and resize and move to your preferred area in the image. Pically will automatically crop the image and place it on the right spot of the selected calendar template. In case the image resolution is too low, you will see that the picture does not use the whole available space. Therefore you should make sure to select a photo with a high resolution as stated above.

Select Your Calendar Language

In the settings section you will also find a select box for the language. Just selected your preferred language and Pically will automatically change the month name and weekdays. In the future, Pically will add public holidays depending on your language selection. If your language is not available in the list, feel free to contact us.

Add Your Calendar Events

Don’t forget to add birthdays, anniversaries and other events! Using the built-in event management, you can easily add events that will be automatically shown in the calendar. In the next releases, it will be also possible to import your google calendar events into Pically.

Download and Print your Photo Calendar

Finally when you have put everything together you just need to press download and Pically will generate your free printable photo calendar as PDF, which you can download and print.

Create Your Printable Photo Calendar for 2015 Now


printable photo calendar template colorly

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Colourful months!

This printable calendar template colours up your wall. With the nice purple colour schema it looks brighter than the plain photo calendar template. Currently only one colour schema is supported but in future it will be possible to chose between different colour schemes. This calendar template also gives you the option to add your custom headline, which will be displayed below the month name. As you can see, the inactive days are also coloured with light purple colour. Hopefully you like this theme. Don’t hesitate to comment :)

Create Printable Calendar Colory


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The perfect month for moms and dads!

baby calendar november 2014

Here is another great idea for a photo calendar: If you just got parents (again), why not use your little sunshine’s picture to beauty up your wall. Add the birthday of your baby and set a mark for this wonderful month. And if you can’t get enough of your little cutie, make a photo every month and track the growth of your little one.

The perfect gift for you child

If you like the idea of creating a baby photo calendar every month you might like to keep and collect the printed calendars and make your child a wonderful present one day. You can give it a special touch by making contemporary photos of your little one. For your Christmas Calendar in 2014 you could shoot a picture with your baby and a santa doll for instance. Be creative and create something beautiful you and your child will remember.

Create Your Baby Calendar
Plain Month Calendar Template

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Plain but practical!

This printable calendar template is plain but very practical. As it only displays the days only, you have lots of space for each day to add your events or write down your comments after printing. With the built-in event feature in Pically, you can squeeze up to 8 events per day! Clearly this calendar template is not as fancy like the photo calendar one, but definitely provides more space.

Here are some practical use cases for this monthly calendar template

School Timetable

You can easily create a school timetable for your child. Just add the subjects for the dates.

Community Events

Add any kind of events for your community such as Churches, Company Events, etc. With a few clicks you can create a perfect overview of the coming events for the next months.

Workout Plan

Add the workout days to this calendar and put them on your wall. Once you have done your workout, don’t miss the great feeling to strike through that hard workout you did :)

These were just a few of the many uses cases for this practical calendar template. Please add a comment below how you are using this template.


Create Your Plain Monthly Calendar Now


Create Yearly Calendar

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Plain overview for your year

This plain yearly calendar template gives you a nice overview of your year. The months are divided into 3 x 4 month blocks. Weekends and holidays are highlighted with grey colour. After printing this calendar you can mark the days to point out events. This yearly calendar template uses up the whole space and there is no space left to make notes. We will upload yearly templates with space for notes soon. By the way: this calendar template is also available as landscape format.

Create your printable calendar for 2015

The year 2014 is almost over and the year 2015 is coming soon! You can create your 2015 calendar now or when the clock hits 0:00, it’s up to you! You know how it works, design, adjust and print your personal calendar with Pically :)

Create Your Yearly Calendar for 2015 now


Printable Photo Calendar Template

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Make your own photo calendar. Every month!

For those of you who have been using the desktop version of Pically in the past will be very happy about the new web version of the popular photo calendar maker. It hasn’t been easier to create printable photo calendars! It’s straight forward: pick your month, chose your favourite photo, download and print your own picture calendar. You can pick different images for different months, it’s your call. Give every month a different touch with beautiful photos. Tip: upload you own shots or chose wonderful photographs from wallpaper websites or flickr.

Add Your Events

In the monthly photo calendar template you can add events and they will be placed in the day cell. You can add birthdays, special events or what ever you have in your mind. You can for instance add regular events such as workout sessions to remind you about your duties! Take a pen and strike your tasks through to get a great feeling for accomplishment.

Motivate Yourself. Every month!

Pick motivative pictures to give every month a distinct touch for reaching targets! If you want to lose weight, chose a picture that motives you to achieve your goal. Print the photo calendar and hang it on the wall next to you bed. Look at it every morning and remind yourself what you want to achieve.

Share your Pically Photo Calendar Ideas

This calendar template can be more than just a calendar. Using your creativity you can use it for different scenarios. Feel free to share you Pically Photo Calendar Ideas with us by posting a comment below. The idea is to inspire other people with your suggestion.