How to create a Printable Baby Calendar

The perfect month for moms and dads!

baby calendar november 2014

Here is another great idea for a photo calendar: If you just got parents (again), why not use your little sunshine’s picture to beauty up your wall. Add the birthday of your baby and set a mark for this wonderful month. And if you can’t get enough of your little cutie, make a photo every month and track the growth of your little one.

The perfect gift for you child

If you like the idea of creating a baby photo calendar every month you might like to keep and collect the printed calendars and make your child a wonderful present one day. You can give it a special touch by making contemporary photos of your little one. For your Christmas Calendar in 2014 you could shoot a picture with your baby and a santa doll for instance. Be creative and create something beautiful you and your child will remember.

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