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Plain Yearly Calendar

Plain overview for your year

This plain yearly calendar template gives you a nice overview of your year. The months are divided into 3 x 4 month blocks. Weekends and holidays are highlighted with grey colour. After printing this calendar you can mark the days to point out events. This yearly calendar template uses up the whole space and there is no space left to make notes. We will upload yearly templates with space for notes soon. By the way: this calendar template is also available as landscape format.

Create your printable calendar for 2015

The year 2014 is almost over and the year 2015 is coming soon! You can create your 2015 calendar now or when the clock hits 0:00, it’s up to you! You know how it works, design, adjust and print your personal calendar with Pically 🙂

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  1. Pically - Calendar Maker

    Hi Trudi. That is unfortunately currently not possible. But that's a great idea! Currently I am collecting ideas for new functionality and I add your idea to the list. You can subscribe the newsletter to get a notification as soon as this feature is available. 🙂


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