Plain Month Calendar Template

Plain Monthly Calendar

Plain but practical!

This printable calendar template is plain but very practical. As it only displays the days only, you have lots of space for each day to add your events or write down your comments after printing. With the built-in event feature in Pically, you can squeeze up to 8 events per day! Clearly this calendar template is not as fancy like the photo calendar one, but definitely provides more space.

Here are some practical use cases for this monthly calendar template

School Timetable

You can easily create a school timetable for your child. Just add the subjects for the dates.

Community Events

Add any kind of events for your community such as Churches, Company Events, etc. With a few clicks you can create a perfect overview of the coming events for the next months.

Workout Plan

Add the workout days to this calendar and put them on your wall. Once you have done your workout, don’t miss the great feeling to strike through that hard workout you did 🙂

These were just a few of the many uses cases for this practical calendar template. Please add a comment below how you are using this template.


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