Printable Photo Calendar Template

Monthly Photo Calendar

Make your own photo calendar. Every month!

For those of you who have been using the desktop version of Pically in the past will be very happy about the new web version of the popular photo calendar maker. It hasn’t been easier to create printable photo calendars! It’s straight forward: pick your month, chose your favourite photo, download and print your own picture calendar. You can pick different images for different months, it’s your call. Give every month a different touch with beautiful photos. Tip: upload you own shots or chose wonderful photographs from wallpaper websites or flickr.

Add Your Events

In the monthly photo calendar template you can add events and they will be placed in the day cell. You can add birthdays, special events or what ever you have in your mind. You can for instance add regular events such as workout sessions to remind you about your duties! Take a pen and strike your tasks through to get a great feeling for accomplishment.

Motivate Yourself. Every month!

Pick motivative pictures to give every month a distinct touch for reaching targets! If you want to lose weight, chose a picture that motives you to achieve your goal. Print the photo calendar and hang it on the wall next to you bed. Look at it every morning and remind yourself what you want to achieve.

Share your Pically Photo Calendar Ideas

This calendar template can be more than just a calendar. Using your creativity you can use it for different scenarios. Feel free to share you Pically Photo Calendar Ideas with us by posting a comment below. The idea is to inspire other people with your suggestion.

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