How to create your Free Printable Sexy Photo Calendar for 2015

Have a hot year 2015!

This is undoubtably one of the most popular calendar subjects for the male gender! If you are a male, you probably had a playboy or similar sexy calendar already hanging once on your wall. It's nice to see a beautiful woman each month. Depending on the taste, the women can be either dressed, partly nude or even for the adults over 18 years even more revealing. Tastes are different and therefore it would be great if everyone could just pick their favourite sexy pictures themselves. Well, at picallycalendar you can! This quick guide will explain you how you can make your own free sexy calendar for the coming year 2015.

1. Collect your Sexy Picture

The first thing you need to do is to decide on the topic for your calendar. It could be for instance a celebrity calendar, model calendar or just a mix of beautiful woman photos. You could also create a sexy calendar for your friend. If you friend likes Heidi Klum, then you can grab her hottest pictures and create a free Heidi Klum Photo Calendar for 2015. There are several websites you can take your hot pictures from. The following sections will show you the most convenient ways.

1.1 Google Image Search

One of the most easiest way is to use the Google Image Search. Just go to and enter the search term. If you want to create a Kim Kardashian Photo Calendar for 2015, just search for "Kim Kardashian Wallpaper" for instance. For a better image resolution, you can filter the search results by clicking on Search Tools and selecting the size Large:

Google Image Search Settings

1.2 is a great wallpaper website where you can find tons of wallpaper pictures for all kinds of categories. There is of course also some sections devoted to women. Just browse the categories and select the pictures from models, celebrities etc.

wallpaperswide categories


If you want to create a free printable PlayBoy calendar for 2015, you can visit They provide a huge amount of pictures from PlayBoy.

PlayBoy Calendar Images

2. Create your Printable Calendar

Once you have collected 12 sexy photos for your calendar, you can create your printable calendar using the following tutorial.

3. Print your Sexy 2015 Calendar

Let's bring the beauties to your wall! After you have created the calendars for all 12 months, you need to print them. In order to get the best quality, it is advisable to use good quality photo paper if you are printing at home.

This article was updated on July 7, 2018