How to create 2019 Photo Calendar for free

Year 2018 is coming to an end and the year 2019 is coming soon... Now is the right time to create your 2019 Picture Calendar. With PicallyCalendar, the popular free calendar maker, you can make your own 2019 Photo Calendar in no time.

How to create your 2019 Photo Calendar

1. Pick your photos

This is probably the most difficult part! You need to decide, which pictures you want to use for your 2019 picture calendar. If you like to create the calendar for the whole year 2019, then you need to pick 12 photos, one photo per month. 

Here some tips what kind of pictures you could pick for your 2019 calendar:

  • Photos from your pet(s), like Dogg, Cats etc.
  • Family Pictures
  • Awesome Cars (for Big Boys :)
  • Awesome Ladies (for Men)
  • Awesome Boys (for Women)
  • Nature
  • ...

Tip: Use the Photo Calendars section on our website, where you will find some great pictures from unsplash for your calendar like Cats Photo Calendars or Dogs Photo Calendars and more....

2. Select your favorite Calendar Template

Browser our great selection of calendar templates and pick the one you like most. You can use one template for all months or even use different templates for the months. 

3. Upload your calendar photo

Now let's start with the first month and create your January 2019 calendar. Select the month on the left side of the screen:

After that you can upload your photo by dragging and dropping it into the photo zone:

You can use jpeg or png file formats for this. Once you have uploaded the photo, you can click the pencil button and crop your image to your likings.

4. Tune your calendar settings

Now you can change the settings of your calendar on the left side of the screen. Here you can set a headline, change the calendar font size and even set the language of your 2019 calendar. Depending on the calendar template, you can also chose to display the holidays inside your calendar. 

5. Add you calendar events (optional)

If you have selected a calendar template, that supports events, then you can add your personal events like birthdays into your calendar. They will be displayed automatically in the calendar days. 

6. Download your picture calendar

Now it's time to download your customised photo calendar. Click on the download button on the top-left side and the download will start automatically. After a few seconds, your 2019 PDF Calendar should be ready.

7. Repeat for the remaining months

If you like to create the photo calendar for all months of 2019, just repeat the steps above for each month.

Create your free photo calendar for 2019 now

This article was updated on November 25, 2018