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Welcome to Pically, the free printable picture calendar maker!


Free Photo Calendar Maker

With Pically you can easily make your own printable calendars with few clicks. Once you have designed your calendar, you can download the automatically generated PDF file and print your personalised calendar. You can chose between different beautiful calendar templates, including photo calendar templates. More templates will be added constantly, so don’t miss to sign up for the newsletter to get the latest updates about Pically. Currently you can create the following types for calendars:

Supported Calendar Template Types:

Printable Plain Calendars:

Chose between monthly, weekly and yearly calendars in portrait and landscape mode. The advantage of plain calendars compared to photo calendars is the amount of space you can use to either add more events and notes or just to have larger letters. In all templates you can add your own headlines.
Create Yearly Calendar

Printable Photo Calendars:

Give your monthly calendar your personal touch by styling it up with your photos! There is no limit to great calendar motives! Baby, Wedding, Movie Stars, Sport clubs, Video games, Movies, Wallpapers… are some of the many many photo motives you can use to create your free printable photo calendars.

Great Idea: Instead of printing your photo calendars for the whole year in advance, create your monthly photo calendar just a few days before the new month starts. Use current motives like your favourite movie of the month, a great picture you took the previous month, etc. That way you have always fresh and topical pictures calendars on your wall.


Create Printable Photo Calendar

Add Your Events to your Calendar:

With Pically you can add your personal events, which will be displayed in your printable calendar template automatically. Just click the “Add Event” button, select the date and title. You can for instance add all occasions to your calendar such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and also tasks. And if you want to add new events after you have printed your calendar, you can either recreate your calenar with Pically or you can just write them down with an pen. In the future it will be also possible to import your events from your google calendar so stay tuned!

Add events to your printable calendar


Pically is currently beta!

Currently Pically is in the beta phase, so please don’t be surprised if something doesn’t work as expected. It would be very helpful if you could report issues using my contact form. We will do our best to fix the issues as soon as possible. Thank you!

What we are currently working on

  • Include holidays to the calendar
  • Upload your own ICAL files
  • E-Mail your calendar to friends
  • More nice templates!
  • And much more… so keep posted and sign up our newsletter

Change log:

07. December 2014: Version 1.2.1 Updated

  • Layout fix in calendar template Big Photo Landscape
  • Now removing the photo works again

02. December 2014: Version 1.2 Updated

This one is a bigger update and comes with new great calendar features:

  • Now you can select fonts for your printable calendars! Currently three fonts are supported.
  • The background image for the website is now blurred and looks much better.
  • The image cropper library was updated. Now you can zoom into your calendar picture.
  • Important note: now the pictures are stored per template, because the aspect ratio differs! That means: if you upload a photo for calendar template A, then that picture will not be available for calendar template B.
  • Added new monthly picture calendar template: Big Landscape.

23. November 2014: Version 1.1 Updated

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added new calendar template: Monthly Photo Calendar – Colory

02. November 2014:
The first beta of Pically Web Application finally launched!

After receiving so much credit about the Pically Desktop application, we decided to build a new improved Pically that can be used straight in the browser without the need to download! Not only the usability has improved, but also more settings and printable calendar templates has been added. Who loved the Pically Desktop edition, will most certainly love the new Pically Web Application more. We are looking forward to receive your feedback!

If you still want to download the desktop version, you can find it here:


Mac OS


  • Now you can create your printable calendars online
  • You can upload your image files and create printable photo calendars
  • Multiple templates are now supported

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