Create Your Printable 2017 Photo Calendar for Free

The year 2016 is about to end soon. Time goes by very quickly! At the end of the year people start looking for a new calendar for the upcoming year. They either buy a standard calendar with their favourite motives... Or they order a customised and already printed calendar with their own photos... Or, they come to and create an awesome printable photo calendar for free!

This short guide will show you how you can make your own printable calendar for 2017

Step 1: Choose your calendar photos

First you have to choose the pictures you want for your 2017 calendar. This could be like your own taken family photos or any other image file you find on the web. You could for instance download wallpapers from your favourite TV-Show like Breaking Bad (e.g. from this site) and create your Breaking Bad Calendar for 2017. Or if you like nature pictures, you can get fantastic sceneries

Breaking Bad Wallpapers for your 2017 Calendar

Step 2: Create your photo calendar for each month in 2017

Now you should have one or ideally twelve image files for you 2017 calendar. Next you have to create a calendar for each month in 2017. You can organise your images for each month easily by naming the images like 1.jpg, 2.jpg...

Before you create your calendar, have a look at the different calendar templates here:

Photo Calendar Templates

You can of course choose different templates for each calendar month. So for instance pick the "Photo Classic" template to start. After that all you have to do is to drag and drop the photo for January 2017 for instance into the "image drop zone".

Breaking Bad Calendar Example for January 2017

On the left side you will see different options to customize your 2017 calendar:

  • Calendar Template
  • Headline
  • Language
  • Font

Create Calendar Events

Another great feature at is that you can add your events for each month and they will be automatically displayed in your calendar. You could add birthdays, holidays etc... Just make sure to pick a template, that does support calendar events.

Step 3: Download and Print your own 2017 Photo Calendar

After customizing your picture calendar, just hit the "Download Calendar" button. After few seconds your browser should download the PDF Calendar file. Then just open the PDF file and print it preferably on thick glossy paper with colours.

That's it! Now repeat that for each calendar month and you will have your own customized photo calendar for the year 2017 for free!

Further Tips:

If you are using Chrome, you can add Pically Web App to your Browser.

You can also create your calendar using your mobile device! If you like to use photos you have taken with your smartphone, this option is really handy!

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This article was updated on July 7, 2018