How to create your printable photo calendar for 2015

This video tutorial shows you how you can create your own free printable photo calendar for the year 2015

You don’t have to spend money for photo calendars. All you need is some nice images, a printer and of course Pically 🙂 This video demonstrates how simple it is to create photo calendars using Pically. You can literally make your own printable picture calendar in seconds! The difficult part is to pick the right motives, but this is something Pically can’t do for you (yet) 🙂 Depending on your taste, you can find different sources for picture motives. If you have a collection of your own photos, then go ahead and pick your favourite shots and create your free printable photo calenadar.

Photo Calendar Motives in Google Image Search

Otherwise you can find tons of images using google image search. Just enter the keyword you are looking for and make sure you select a picture with a large enough resolution. The recommendation is to use photos with a resolution 1024 width or higher. In the advances search settings in google, you can set a filter for the picture resolution. So for instance if you want to have a cat calendar motive, you could search for “cat wallpaper” or “kitty wallpaper”. If you prefer dogs, search for “dog wallpapers” etc…

Upload and Crop your Calendar Motives

Once you have selected your picture motives for each month, select the month from the settings section and upload your picture. After uploading you can select the area you want to be captures. Use the selection tool and resize and move to your preferred area in the image. Pically will automatically crop the image and place it on the right spot of the selected calendar template. In case the image resolution is too low, you will see that the picture does not use the whole available space. Therefore you should make sure to select a photo with a high resolution as stated above.

Select Your Calendar Language

In the settings section you will also find a select box for the language. Just selected your preferred language and Pically will automatically change the month name and weekdays. In the future, Pically will add public holidays depending on your language selection. If your language is not available in the list, feel free to contact us.

Add Your Calendar Events

Don’t forget to add birthdays, anniversaries and other events! Using the built-in event management, you can easily add events that will be automatically shown in the calendar. In the next releases, it will be also possible to import your google calendar events into Pically.

Download and Print your Photo Calendar

Finally when you have put everything together you just need to press download and Pically will generate your free printable photo calendar as PDF, which you can download and print.
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