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Monthly Photo Calendar – Big Landscape

Perfect picture calendar template for big images!

This monthly template is just perfect if you want to put your picture on the spotlight of your calendar. The aspect ratio of the images are 16/9 making the pictures look wide. As the calendar space is mainly occupied by your photo, unfortunately there is no space left for displaying events. Furthermore you will notice, that the week days are not displayed as well. The empty space after the last week day will indicate when the week ends so that you can figure out when the next calendar week block starts.

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Monthly Photo Calendar - Colory

Colourful months! This printable calendar template colours up your wall. With the nice purple colour schema it looks brighter than the plain photo calendar template. Currently only one colour schema is supported but in future it will be possible to chose between different colour schemes. This calendar template…

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How to create a Printable Baby Calendar

The perfect month for moms and dads! Here is another great idea for a photo calendar: If you just got parents (again), why not use your little sunshine's picture to beauty up your wall. Add the birthday of your baby and set a mark for this…

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Plain Monthly Calendar

Plain but practical! This printable calendar template is plain but very practical. As it only displays the days only, you have lots of space for each day to add your events or write down your comments after printing. With the built-in event feature in Pically,…

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