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New Calendar Template: Monthly Photo Spring

It's been a long time, but finally I made a new template for spring!

This photo calendar template is in portrait mode but gives more space for a picture. Instead of using cells for days, only the day number is displayed which makes the whole picture calendar more compact and creates more room for the photo. The week names are displaying only the first character. I got the inspiration for this calendar template from http://www.goinghometoroost.com/2013/diy-craft-projects/customizable-instagram-calendar/

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How to create your Free Printable Sexy Photo Calendar for 2015

Have a hot year 2015!

This is undoubtably one of the most popular calendar subjects for the male gender! If you are a male, you probably had a playboy or similar sexy calendar already hanging once on your wall. It's nice to see a beautiful woman each month. Depending on the taste, the women can be either dressed, partly nude or even for the adults over 18 years even more revealing. Tastes are different and therefore it would be great if everyone could just pick their favourite sexy pictures themselves. Well, at picallycalendar you can! This quick guide will explain you how you can make your own free sexy calendar for the coming year 2015.

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